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Charter a Private Yacht in Greece – Why Greece?

The Greek islands of sunshine and exotic are ideal for a private yacht charter in Greece! The whole country looks like a great and beautiful “resort” for total relaxation and looks like the perfect place for a boat rental on the Greek islands! The eastern part of Greece is the next group of islands to visit: The Cyclades group, the Sporades group, the Dodecanese group of islands. In the western part of Greece, you can cruise aboard your own private yacht charter along the amazing Ionian Islands group. In the south of the continent, you can sail along the coast of the Peloponnese and even further south along the famous island of Crete! We should not forget to mention the popular area of Halkidiki in northern Greece with some of the best resorts in Eastern Europe! Consequently, Greece from west to east, from north to south is a huge vacation spot in the sun, with beautiful beaches and places to see!

Some other reasons why you should choose for your next Greece private yacht are:

Nile cruise in Egypt

Sometimes life gets so hectic that everyone needs a break. Go on a trip. Explore the world! Discover new places. See the ancient wonder of the world in Egypt. Egypt is a beautiful country in the Middle East full of ancient and rich history heritage. The royal pyramids, mass graves and burial, the majestic Nile River through Egypt, the austere Sahara desert to perfect the shores of the Red Sea, Egypt is a place not to be missed.

The Nile is the heart of Egypt. He gave life to the Egyptians in the past, as well as in the modern world. The Nile River has been a constant source of transportation and communication, as well as the main sources of fertility and wealth. It is a fact that without its ancient history, Egypt would not be at all as fascinating as it is.

To revive the history of Egypt follows the Nile on a cruise to Egypt from Luxor to Aswan. The cruise is a very enjoyable and memorable experience that is full of magnificent views supported by abundant history on every corner.

Walk Dock – Get a Job on a Super Yacht

What is walking towards the dock?

Base operation is the process of walking along a dock, going to a yacht, talking to the crew on board in order to try to get one of these procedures; Day, work permanently or leave them with one of your CV.

For me it turned out to be one of the most tense process of finding a job in a super yacht …

0630 Monday morning, I wake up early in anticipation of the morning arrival. I live in a crew house with many other “imitator” super-yacht crew, all enthusiastically trying to get a job on a super yacht, all competing for the same job on a limited number of yachts. I get up early, I want to be first in the shower (before people start queuing for the shower) and they have a shave for my first day walking down the docks of Antibes. The presentation is important in this industry and the iron and ready clothes are the day before. I shower, shave and eat breakfast, my appetite is low, my nerves fill my belly with some discomfort. I put my bag with the essentials, sunscreen and water before leaving the house of the armed crew of a selection of freshly printed CV and references in a clean plastic folder. I want to be the first to leave the crew house and on the dock in case I catch the crew early on the deck.

How a luxury cruise differs from a normal cruise

What do you prefer? Do you like most large cruises that have more than 4000 passengers or smaller vessels that have less than 1000? Some ports do not refer to larger vessels and passenger attention is best in small vessels. So check out the possibilities with these luxury cruise lines.

Some of the luxury cruise lines have smaller boats. I speak of Azamara Cruises, Crystal Cruises, Oceania Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises and Seabourn Cruises. This means you have more port options. Yes, they may cost more, but the benefits can only do so. These luxury cruise lines give travel at its best, most are still included. This means that there are no extra beverage packages, no extras that are unexpected.

Azamara Cruises

Azamara Cruises focuses on the destination of immersion in longer stays, more than overnight stays and night tourism includes 100% of their trips. You can explore everything from the nightlife in Stockholm and morning walks on the French Riviera in the adventures of a day in the rainforests of Costa Rica. You will discover boutique boats with up to 686 guests, staff and crew can quickly learn your name, tastes and preferences. All this with a lot of equipment included as standard liquors, beers and international wines, tips and an AzAmazing evening event (on most trips) – all with their compliments. Bottled water, soft drinks, specialty coffees and teas, an English butler service for suite guests, self-service laundry facilities, a shuttle service to and from port communities (if available) and concierge services.

How travel agents facilitated travel

Today’s itinerant has become much easier than it was decades ago. Nowadays, there are several travel agencies and online travel facilitators involved in everything from booking your flights to planning your stay, finding a rental car and even connecting with a guide. As tourism demand increases, these companies are also looking for ways to improve the use of technologies and platforms that touch every aspect of their travel. Well, here is a brief description of the modern human journey:

Checking Destinations

It is one thing to read about one Wikipedia destination and another to listen to other travelers’ experiences. Before you go to an unknown place, you are already aware of things to do, places to visit and culture to expect and experience. Travel agencies have also taken a step forward by providing visual travel experiences by adopting high-end camera technologies. When you see the high quality photos and videos, you will definitely become more determined in destination.

Flight reservation / bus / train / hotel

Best sushi places in Cape Town

Sushi lovers are honored during their visit to Cape Town, South Africa. Not only is there a wide range of world class sushi restaurant and deli, Cabo has some of the best scenery, views and was voted the best city in the world on numerous occasions.

1) Harbor House – V & A Waterfront for a great location, legendary sushi dishes and friendly staff, Harbor House is a stunning waterfront restaurant on the V & A Waterfront. Luxurious dinner in an environment that earned them the Certificate of Excellence 2015 Tripadvisor. The glass walls around the restaurant allow you to enjoy the lively atmosphere of the waterfront and enjoy the perfect backdrop for Cape Town. There is also an excellent Harbor House restaurant in Kalk Bay.

2) Andy Sushi Bar – Sea Point This East Asian inspired restaurant serves top quality creative sushi at reasonable prices. Chef Andy Wang has a passion for preparing delicious and authentic dishes. BYOB and enjoy high quality sushi in this colorful little restaurant.

3) Kyoto Garden Sushi – Cape Kyoti is an authentic Japanese restaurant in the heart of Cape Town. Not only did you get the best Asian restaurant in Eat Out Awards in 2014, but they also have the origin and use of high quality, unusual ingredients from around the world. The cultivated abalone, scallops, king crab of Alaska, sea urchins and eel are some interesting items that can be found in their menu. Interesting variations and exquisite food tantalisent the taste buds, while the intimate and tranquil Zen setting offers the perfect ambiance.

4) Fugu Restaurant – Cape Town This luxurious yet relaxed, serves exceptional sushi and a wide variety of hot Thai, Japanese and Chinese dishes. The generous sushi menu is very popular among local sushi lovers, while more traditional seafood lovers spoil with diversity.

Luxury travel of the New Age

Today’s luxury travelers are looking for new and unique experiences. They want to learn and understand the culture and history of the places they visit. They have experience as a local, or more precisely, a wealthy local.

The new look of luxury holidays is no longer living in more expensive hotels or eating gold (or eating); Now it is the experience that you will never forget that no one else has Instagrammed.

One choice that could offer a new experience in terms of the modern meaning of luxury travel is a private sailing cruise on a luxury yacht. A cruise like this in the Aegean Sea and especially in the Cyclades group can provide an authentic experience of the city, town or city you visit.

Although there will always be “must see” places to go, it is possible to have authentic and local experiences like live. For example, on the islands you visit, you can participate in events that frequent locals, such as local festivals with music, dancing, food and drinks.

For those who love to shop, you will have the opportunity to try to buy local produce that you can not find elsewhere. Try amazing wines, cheeses, exceptional Greek products such as herbs from Greek cultivated land and with the help of solar wind and salt.

The development of nautical tourism in Croatia

The country of 1,000 islands, the total tourism income in the world is 100 million. Today, Croatia gets 6% of the tourism cake. Before the war, tourism in Croatia was the economic engine that fills the coffers of the National Bank of Yugoslavia. The war has put the fate of Croatia hopes, but now this beautiful country again and everyone is replete with Croatia as the European destination.

Croatia has great potential in this economic sector. However, as in every business is the key in strategy. To return to the first sentence of this article, “the country of 1000 Islands,” it seems to me that the answer to the question about strategy is self-explanatory. Croatia has to follow the example of Montenegro and must create a positive investment climate for the construction of large yacht marinas. We wonder SRA ?? Portulana, a member of the Adriatic yacht services to their views. MRS ?? We have said that we must follow the model used by France. Portulana was part of the Adriatic Yacht Services incentive trip held at Cap d’Antibe in March 2013. SRA ?? He told us that he was surprised by the magnitude of the marinas and especially those reserved for mega-moros. MRS ?? We also explained that the quality of the infrastracture services was second to none. MRS ?? Portulana stressed that this French model is missing Croatia.

Factors to consider when buying rental boats

There are thousands of boats available all over the world for a la carte. If you restrict your options to bareboat or with hull, choose the type of boat, size of vessels and other additional features, select the destination and the time of year, finding the right boat hire is easy. Major charter companies often have a rental fleet of some models and manufacturers. They opt for selected models because their quality has been proven to withstand the test of time. The factors to consider when choosing a charter boat include:

· The power

Many people avoid the intensive use of boats and high engine hours. However, the boats are content to sit and do nothing to have so many problems. Therefore, when buying a rental boat, know how often the maintenance is performed. Some letter companies insist on inspection of the propeller, system and hull for each letter in the back, while other companies maintain a maintenance record for all systems of the ship. However, it is important to get all the information that can be obtained in the maintenance of the boat. Also, discover any serious damage to the structure and systems. A rental company should be able to reveal information that a particular boat ran a reef and is now patched.

to end

The elimination is a very important aspect in the life of each ship of the letter. This has to do with the systematic process of maintenance of all equipment and systems. Obviously a boat can never be new. However, the necessary repairs and replacements can be made on the ship during removal to reduce it to a reasonable state of wear. Any trusted company will be able to provide you with a copy of the maintenance phase. This will help you see all the areas that have been inspected and repaired.

Enchanted by a sunset cruise

The sun never fails to reveal in us the poet, the philosopher or the hardened romantic. Wherever we are in the world, the view of the sunset still evokes a sense of nostalgia that is surprising and comforting.

This is especially true when we experience this glorious view aboard a quiet and relaxing cruising yacht. As the yacht glides gracefully out to sea, you can feel carefully prepared for a unique experience of its kind that only the sunset on the far horizon can bring.

A special boat rental in Dubai can be taken on a sunset relaxing sunset cruise. You can get away from the hustle and bustle of the hectic city life. You can enjoy the soothing sound of the waves and the cold wind that shakes in your hair. With your friends, your family or your special person, you can delight in this intimate moment with the sunset together.

From dusk to the picturesque Dubai Marina, a sunset cruise takes you to see the buzz of the day to become Dubai’s vibrant nightlife. The Cayan tower, swirling in its glory, and all the other beautiful skyscrapers begin to illuminate as the yacht slides past them.

From the marina, then go to the Dubai coast, where you can see a stretch of sparkling white sand beach in the fading sunlight. From this perspective, the iconic Burj Al Arab looks even more majestic and inspiring in the middle of the sky, which in turn slowly in warm tones of orange and dark purple.

As the boat takes a cruise on the Palm Jumeirah, you can cool off with some light drinks on board and wait for the golden sun to offer your farewell for the day. This riveted moment creates the perfect setting for a true marriage proposal or even a passionate kiss wedding.